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Seltzer's Rainbow Heart


“Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains awakened.”

-Anatole France



Seltzer’s Rainbow Heart is about a little dog born with a rainbow heart. With a zest for life and devoted friends, Seltzer teaches us that even through loss, we are all still connected with love.


When a pet passes it impacts the entire family. Parents find it difficult to explain to their children about the death of their pet. This little book with a big message is a wonderful support tool for parents and their children during this emotional time. It is also a loving gift for a friend when you can’t find the words.


For each purchase of a book or product,

a portion of the proceeds are donated

to local Animal Shelters and Rescues.



Seltzer Rainbow Heart Print

In stock
Product Details

Seltzer Rainbow Heart Print is available in two sizes. 4x6 with a snow white mat (fitted for a 5x7 frame) or 5x7 print with snow white mat (fitted for a 8x10 frame).

**Portion of the Proceeds benefit our Local Animal Shelters & Rescues.

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What they are saying about Seltzer's Rainbow Heart


"Jayne's book is touching hearts. I thought the message was so good that I shared with a friend who lost a beloved cat and her 7 year old daughter was struggling. They read it tonight, had a good cry, and talked about great memories and how to share his rainbow heart with others!"     - Joy

"What a beautiful way to celebrate the love of dear doggie friends!!! The loss of a pet leaves such an ache in our heart. Jayne's tale soothes us in a playful way. Jayne's delightful rhyme and Kirsty's illustrations combine for a delightful journey of the heart for all ages. Seltzer's Rainbow Heart lives on!!!"   - Leo

"This book really makes you appreciate how much joy a pet can bring into our lives. It took me through all the emotions in its short read time. Would recommend to all animal lovers. I already read twice. Humorous and heartfelt! The connection with a pet is like nothing else in this world. The book reminded of my experiences with my dog which made me appreciate the beautiful simple things in life again!!! " - Robert

Any animal lover dreads that sad day our beloved pets are no longer with us. They are like family. They bring us so much love, joy, laughter, and memories to last a lifetime. "Seltzer's Rainbow Heart" nails that sentiment via Ms. DiGregorio's loving, heart-felt, and fun poetics and Ms. McAlpine's vivid adorable illustrations… "Seltzer's Rainbow Heart" shows us, that even after our pets are gone, they are still with us, teaching us lessons. The biggest lesson of all is "to love unconditionally." A perfect book for all ages; a perfect book for anyone who has awakened their soul by loving an animal. -Vinyl



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