Fun facts about Jayne

Born in the beautiful city of Bologna, Italy.


My parents bought me a Nikon at the age of 10 that became my BFF.


Moved to California to attend Art Center College of Design and grateful for the meticulous teachers and inspirations from my peers. I was one lucky gal to have spent three years in California.


I love 80's love ballads; the cornier the better.

Wander lust junkie.

Grew up with German Shepherds, cats, and chickens.

My beloved yorkie Seltzer rocked my world and changed my opinion about small dogs forever.

I live in a yellow farm house with my two favorite men - Rob & Bear.

I'm obsessed with helping people and animals.

Seriel marketing strategist.

Should a fortunate stroke of serendipity come between us,

get ready to smile. 




xo Jayne